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    250 Free Bing Rewards Microsoft Points

    Bing RewardsDo you use Bing when searching the internet? If not, then you are missing out on the chance to earn free stuff and get some great rewards! Bing allows you to earn points by doing what you would normally do online and then cash your points in for free prizes and cool rewards. Bing is great, and just for signing up through our special link you will receive a whopping 250 points added to your account!

    How do you earn points from Bing? You can download the tool bar which allows you to automatically get Bing offers. You will earn points by surfing the internet, which you probably already do on a daily basis, you can earn points by setting your home page to Bing, or earn points by trying new Bing features. There are TONS and TONS of ways to earn and get free points from Bing, and TONS of prizes to to trade points in for.

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