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    Beginning Extreme Couponing

    WELCOME!! We are SO excited to have you join us on our “Extreme Couponing” journey!!

    Those of you who have been following along with our “Extreme Couponing 101” know that we are beginning a new phase that takes Extreme Couponing into our own hands. Each week I will so step by step in explaining how to extreme coupon.  Please follow along and remember that it’s not as easy as it seems.  Clipping the coupons, organizing and shopping can be a involved process. Be sure to set aside time for couponing. Sundays are the best for me because I can grab the paper, clip and match. Lets get started!

    Where Do I Get All Those Coupons?

    Newspaper subscriptions. The best way to find out which newspapers in your area have coupons is to ask around. Ask a neighbor, friend or even gas station attendant.  Once you figure out which one is chock full of Q’s (Coupons)..get 2 subscriptions if the price is right.  I live in Chicago and the “Chicago Tribune” is my paper of choice.  I currently have it delivered every Sunday for $.50 a week.

    Magazines.  Coupon KIm’s Magazine of choice? “All You.” This publication is full of high value coupons.

    Friends, Family, Neighbors etc. Ask them to save the ones they don’t use and you can grab them the next time you see each other.

    Recycling Centers and/or bins. Ahhh, here we go; THIS is where we start to get EXTREME! Okay I’m kidding.  If you know of a SAFE, SANITARY bin go for it.  But honestly, don’t attempt this until you’ve got some experience under your belt and you are in desperate need of more coupons. You can find local centers online here and here.

    Internet: Generally, the rules for internet coupons are the same as regular coupons.  But pay special attention to the top, for example: does it say “Manufacturer Coupon” or “Target Coupon?” Also, you can only print out the coupon 2 times in most cases. (Hit the back arrow), and MAKE SURE YOUR PRINTER IS READY and on black & white!

    Mobile Coupons. When you’re ready to redeem, just show your coupon barcode to the cashier, and with a simple scan your savings are applied.  For these types of coupons you sign up through the store (Generally the stores website).  We are going to use Target as our Guinea Pig for these lessons. So head over here and sign up.

    *  Your carrier’s message and data rates may apply. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Target does not charge you for sending or receiving text messages to 827438.

    Products. I found $10 of P&G coupons on the inside of my Tide box!

    Email. Have a favorite product/brand/company? Check out their website and sign up for their email/ snail mail list.

    Social Networking. Sign up for a Facebook and find your favorite companies and store. “”Like” them and watch your wall for  money saving offers and coupons.

    Store Cards/Rewards Cards. Go to the customer service desk and sign up for the rewards card or sign up online. You can use your card towards store discounts as well as coupons (Some stores have e-coupons where you can either load coupons onto your card or scan your card at the store for coupons).

    Catalina’s. These are the coupons that print out with your receipt.

    The possibilities are endless!

    I don’t want to overwhelm you, this is “Beginning Extreme Couponing” so each week I will give you a homework assignment.

    This Week:

    • Go here & print out Target’s Coupon Policy.
    • Gather coupons; Use the resources I mentioned (and any others) to collect them. Don’t worry about making a pile a foot high.
    • Since we will be focusing on Target go here to print out their internet coupons.
    • Go Shopping (or sneak into your kids school supplies!):

    Your List:

    • Binder.  Preferably a 2” with 3 rings and a Zipper (so our precious coupons don’t fall out!) REMEMBER; you will be lugging this thing around with you inevitably, so don’t opt for the Hannah Montana binder just because it’s on clearance!
    • Baseball Card inserts (They come in packs, start out with a 50 or less. You can always grab more if you need them).


    • 4×6 Photo inserts for binders.
    • Pouch for scissors, pencil and calculator.

    See you next week!






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