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    Free Gas Cards Online, Get $1000 in Free Gas Cards

    Free Gas Cards

    How to Get Free Gas Cards Online

    Fill up your gas tank painlessly with a $1000 gas gift card from Product Test Panel. Gas prices are through the roof, and many of us are spending a fortune on gas. I spent close to $80 a week to fill up my minivan, which is $320 a month! If you spend a fortune too, or just want some free gas, head over to the Product Test Panel website and register.

    Free Gas From These Stations

    Gas stations to choose from include:

    • Shell
    • Texaco
    • Chevron
    • Exxon Mobile
    • BP

    This $1000 gift card can be used on more than just gas. Every gas station I have been to has bottled and fountain drinks, candy, chocolate, newspapers, magazines, lottery tickets, nachos, medicines, toilet paper, and more. Buy whatever you want in the gas station with your gift card, and save your money for entertainment.

    Who Qualifies for Free Gas Cards

    Who can participate? You must be at least 18 years of age or older and be a legal resident of the United States. They will ask for your email address so they can contact you, and a shipping address so they can mail you your participation reward. If you are not 18 you will need to have someone who is 18+ sign up for you and give you their prize. They may ask for your birth date to confirm your age, so keep that in mind.

    Get Your Free Gas Cards Today

    Click here for your $1000 free gas gift card!

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