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    Great Clips Coupons 2011 $8.99 Hair Cut Coupon

    Get your free Great Clips coupon, check this article updated weekly! Each franchise operates on a different marketing budget, so be sure to grab a couple from your local newspaper and be on the lookout for these coupons: $8.99 adult haircut & shampoo, $6.99 adult haircut, and $4.99 kids haircut.

    Be sure to check your weekly circular for savings on haircuts for the whole family. These are the lowest prices we’ve seen and these have all been valid coupons for 2011. Thanks for stopping by Coupon Kim, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more great savings!

    Get $2 off any Super Cuts Haircut Here!

    As with most offers, check with your local store for participation.

    Update: We have been asked us to remove this coupon from our website, so we replaced it with a Super Cuts coupon, as they seem to have a National Coupon system.

    We’ve had good success at finding coupons in our local savers that are sent to our mailbox and also check the Sunday paper, there should be plenty of coupons in there that should be valid at your local store.

    Let us know if you find a National coupon so we can put it back online!

    For those of you not familiar with Great Clips, it was established back in 1982 in the city of Minneapolis. Now, they have more than 2,800 salons in the US and Canada, aking them the largest salon franchise in North America. Which is pretty great.

    They pride themselves as an affordable, quality haircut in a comfortable friendly salon. They have knowledgeable licensed specialists that will really listen to you so you can walk out of the salon with the exact haircut you want, not being frustrated with them giving you what you didn’t want.

    So with today’s fast-paced life, you really want a salon that fits around your schedule, not theirs. They have extended hours on the weekends and evenings and you never need to make an appointment!

    For those of you still looking for haircut coupons online, we’re still looking and waiting for the great guys at grate clips to get back to us with a better coupon offer! Thanks for being a part of the Coupon Kim community and please feel free to browse around on the site to find some killer free coupons offers!

    We are looking for a lot of haircut promotions on the web, so if you find any, please submit them to the site. Also, the latest prices for haircuts with these coupons is $4.99 and $5.99, so as far as coupons for on the go, you can save a lot of money on your haircut.

    With 2011 out, we are now adding new printable coupons for 2011 to ensure you get cheap haircuts for you and your family.

    They have been running a lot of printable coupons for 2011 with $5.99 kids cuts and $6.99 adult haircuts, so be sure to check your local newspaper circulars.

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