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    Scarowinds Discount Ticket Codes


    This one is for my local readers!  Last night I was looking to buy some tickets to Scarowinds for two of my kids and found that the tickets are beyond ridiculously priced!  So, being the coupon person I am, I searched and searched until I found a discount code.  That was all fine and well, but when I went to purchase the tickets, there wasn’t a place to use the code!  Are you kidding me?  I searched all this time and now I can’t use it?? 

    Then I remembered how I purchased my last Disney tickets – with a Corporate Code!  So, I did a search for Scarowinds Corporate Codes and what do you know, it explained WHERE to put the code!  I would never have known if I hadn’t found this.  SOOOOOO, for all my local folks who want to go to Scarowinds, and don’t have any other discount, this is for you!

    Go to the Carowinds site, and in the top menu dropdown labeled “Tickets”, click on the item “Corporate Partners”. (see picture below)


    Where it says “Please Enter Your Company ID”, enter code “pamscar09″. This code will get you Friday Or Sunday tickets for $27.99 each. Saturday tickets for $29.99 each.

    This is a significant discount since the at the gate price is $42.99!  Anyway, thought I would share this tip in case anyone wants to scoot over to Scarowinds. It is SOOOO much fun!

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